#4 2014 North America Car Crash Compilation

from Special Car Crash on YouTube: Several car crashes taking place in North America.


Ashley Dougherty Hot Weather Girl (Pittsburgh)

from WTAE-TV Pittsburgh: Meteorologist Ashley Dougherty has Pittsburgh's Action Weather forecast.

What is Action Weather? Weather that takes place in movies like the Expendables?


Farrah Abraham Stripping Full Time for $500K (Teen Mom)

from Hollywood Scoop TV: Farrah Abraham has turned her self-proclaimed 'research' experience into a full time gig with a huge paycheck! As we previously reported the teen-mom-turned-porn-star is a stripper now at Palazio Gentlemen's Club in Austin, Texas.

Ain't American grand?



Pamela Gardner Hot Indiana Weather Girl (WISH-TV)

from WISH-TV in Indiana: Meteorologist Pamela Gardner.

Our research department has more info on Ms. Gardner. Her nickname is Pam.

We don't pay our research department.


Kait Parker Hot Weather Channel Girl

from The Weather Channel: Kait Parker.

Kait Parker used to work at some station in Florida but now works at the Weather Channel.

More money. More problems.


Kait Parker